Welcome to Tar Isteach Housing

"Creating Home"

We are a voluntary housing association in the South East

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable housing with support to enable our residents achieve social inclusion.

Our Target Group

Tar Isteach Housing provides housing to women, men and families from the local authorities’ allocation list for social housing.

The Supported Social Housing is supported by Capital Assistance Scheme and is provided for the following categories of people:

  • Disabilities

  • Elderly

  • Families

  • Homeless

All tenancy holders must be over the age of 18 years.

A Home Brings Hope

Our Values

  • We provide QUALITY services, based on core principles of care and empowerment.

  • We work in PARTNERSHIP with all stakeholders to ensure effective and expedient responses.

  • We RESPECT all stakeholders and ensure engagement and participation when possible and/or appropriate.

Our Objectives

  • To provide quality homes with security of tenure in line with legislation.

  • To engage tenants to seek their views on the effectiveness and efficiency of services.

  • To provide, as necessary appropriate support programmes to assist tenants live as independently as possible.

  • To support tenants in areas of budgeting, household management and community engagement

  • To support tenants accessing social supports, healthcare services, mental health services, education and training services and employment

  • To provide well quality housing management services, ensuring such as well-maintained houses with effective reactive and planned maintenance programmes.

  • To provide a programme of construction and acquisition supporting the delivery of housing, utilising effective mitigation with regard to market trends and dynamics.

Our Services

Tar Isteach Housing offers emergency homeless accommodation, prevention services, and tenancy support services.


See how we transformed a derelict building in Callan, Co Kilkenny into six modern apartments.

About Us

Tar Isteach Housing recognises Ireland's urgent need for secure homes due to housing shortages since 2007, requiring comprehensive solutions.

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