About Us

Tar Isteach Housing recognises that the requirement for secure homes is at an all-time priority in Ireland. Ireland since 2007 has faced many challenges related to housing shortages. Successive government housing policy seeks to create options to address these challenges. This growing demand from the public on Government is increasingly pertinent. Not one that Approved Housing Bodies are free from either. The public wants to see solutions to housing shortages and homelessness.

There is so much to solving a housing crisis. Many reasons are cited, finance, planning permission, shortages of suitable sites and other infrastructure, extended processes especially for public housing, increases in legislation and regulation in relation to Governance and Housing Standards.

In 2022, increases in inflation have adversely affected the cost of materials and labour. In addition, the remnants of the Celtic era are very apparent with large scale numbers of small housing investors and landlords are exiting. As a result private rented accommodation in some areas of the country is non-existent. Lack of access to mortgages, sends the cash rich renter into the marker driving rents even higher.

What hasn’t gone away is peoples need for accommodation, a secure home. Tar Isteach Housing’s Baile Slán Strategy seeks to provide secure homes. Further, it seeks to continue to build capacity and responsiveness in an Ireland where the challenges to housing delivery are set to continue with how the world impacts on our economy and inflation.

Simply put, to solve a problem it's not only knowledge, skills and finances you require. A vision is key. A vision  in addition to values. We share an unwavering desire to realise the organisation’s vision. Tar Isteach Housing’s tagline, ’Creating Home’, isn’t an event or occurrence. It’s more an ongoing process rich with energy and targets. Secure homes lead to secure children and parents, leads to secure economies. The recent response to the Ukrainian crisis has demonstrated there remains capacity, once it is motivated and willing. We speak of crisis and yet do not act.

In 2022, Tar Isteach Housing began the process of separating from the Good Shepherd Centre. At the time, 126 properties, staff and resources transferred from GSCK to Tar Isteach Housing. The organisation must continue to grow and ensure compliance to regulation, staff skills and capacity to manage a larger organisation in difficult circumstances. Managing costs and efficiency are of paramount importance.

Tar Isteach Housing is like any other housing association, yet what we do is individually tailored to the area and demographic profile reflected in each of the local authorities housing needs assessments, waiting lists and delivery plans. The Housing Disability Strategy for each of the local authorities is of particular consideration in the new strategy. 

Charity number CHY 22543 / RCN 20205427

CRO: 653054